Travelling in Madagascar

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Tours and travels are no doubt, the best pastimes that you can ever have. They not only rejuvenate your soul but is also great for your health. Most doctors would recommend a change of air as a natural remedy. The brain gets dull and mechanical with the daily activities. You need to put in some spice to get your curriculum back in order.

It’s not just the scenic beauty of the places that you can enjoy, you can even imbibe the cultural aspects of the locals of that place and get involved in various activities and ceremonies.

On top of that, if you are a foodie, you can tour the places and even treat your tongue and soul of delicious food items. Now let us know why Madagascar is the next tourism opportunity.


Now though most of you might have heard the name of this beautiful country through the animated movie Madagascar, it is actually an island off the eastern shores of Africa, which had been previously known as the Malagasy Republic.

Madagascar had actually been detached from the Indian peninsula sometime in the prehistoric edges and is hence a biodiversity hotspot. Almost 90% of the wildlife found in this island is found nowhere else on the earth and hence it is a must that you visit this place if you are an animal lover.

Madagascar’s people are always struggling, you can have a beautiful country and be poor at the same time. I had visited and know about the tremendous job that the Madagascar Foundation does every day to bring happiness and hope to children in the island. Please, feel free to visit their homepage and donate. Every single ariary gives hope, food and basic necesities to many families in need. Here is the website:

Reasons why you should visit Madagascar

There are more than just a few reasons why you should visit Madagascar. The natural beauties of the landforms and the flora and fauna will totally captivate your mind. Let us take a tour through the various reasons why you must land in Madagascar.

The Wildlife and Greenery

Like I said in another post dedicated entirely to Madagascar wildlife, 5% of all the known plant and animal species can be found here on the island. It is like making a travel to the modern Noah’s Ark here at Madagascar.

Humpback Whales

The people here are very much aware of the scientific and economical greatness of this island and a really a great place to visit. Parc National d’Andasibe is famous for the indri, Madagascar’s largest lemur and its distinctive song.

Then you should visit Ile Sainte Marie for the breaching humpback whales. Then there is the Aye-Aye, a strange animal found on the Aye-Aye Island.

There are lots more to be discovered by you.

You can spot the sea turtles in Nosy Tanikely, which is a marine reserve located off the island of Nosy Be. You could also see the Brookesia chameleons in the Parc National de la Montagne d’Ambre.

The wild orchids should be another item on your list that needs to be viewed. It can be found in the Parc national de Ranomafana and others. You could also see the Pristine Rainforest in the Masoala Peninsula.

After all, there are lots to be seen and it is impossible to list all the weird animals that you would encounter on your visit. The country is really beautiful with all its amazing riches of flora and fauna.

Popular Tourist Destinations

The wildlife can be said to be the main attraction of this island. There are a large number of national forest reserves that provide you to see the huge diversity in plants and animals.

In addition to those mentioned above, you can also visit the Isalo National Park. It is located in the Ihorombe region and known for the wide variety of terrain and the sandstone formations and deep canyons. The natural beauty is simply amazing.

The Avenue of the Baobabs in the Menabe region should be next on your list. The group of baobab tress that lines the road from Belon’i Tsiribihina to Morondava is the best to visit at sunrise or the sunset.

Amber Mountain National Park Waterfall

The Diana region of northern Madagascar has the Amber Mountain National Park and is known for the endemic flora and fauna, crater lakes or the water falls. Then amidst all the wildlife there is the Rova of Antannarivo which is the royal complex of the Kingdom of Imerina in Madagascar. It had been built sometime in the 17th or the 18th centuries.

There are also the zoological and botanical gardens of Tsimbazaza that you should visit to give the required essence to your journey. Madagascar is a really awesome place to visit and no matter how much you travel there will be an awful lot left to visit.

You can read more detail here:

The Weather in Madagascar

Now it is true that you must be aware of the weather of the place that you visit and it is the same with Madagascar. The best time to visit is the period April to June or from September to December. Some of the spots may close early in November due to the rains while others open late in June. The July and August season would be too busy for a healthy travel. The January to March period should be avoided because most of the regions would be unavailable due to the rains.

You can read more about the weather, travel permits and visas, safety and health warnings here:

For Food Lovers!

Madagascar is a delight due to its culinary activities. They are plenty of delicacies available. Seafood, meat and different fruits and vegetables with delightful flavor are in abundance.

La Varangue is the best restaurant and you must visit here. Societe de Rhum Arrange is the island’s favorite drink and you must enjoy it. You should also visit the Millot Plantations and the vanilla farm and taste the amazing flavor.

What To Do

There are lots that can be done as a tourist in Madagascar. You could relax on the beach or just go scuba diving. You could visit the national parks and biosphere reserves or watch the Hira Gasy performance. There are lots that you can do and if you are going for a short visit, you should definitely plan well.

There is no doubt that Madagascar is the nest tourism destination and you should really make sure to pay a visit to the island sometime soon.

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      Hanitra Okeke

      There are different subspecies of lemurs and some are critically endangered. Lemurs are wild animals (i know, they look very cute) and are impossible to trained unless by a professional. My advice is just to admire them in their natural habitat and protect and help the organizations protecting their environment in Madagascar. Thanks for your comment Michael.

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