Popular Destinations in Madagascar

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Want to travel at Madagascar but don’t know where to start? No worries, here are a few most popular destination that you surely would not want to miss out. These are some of the most attractive places not only in the island of Madagascar, but in the whole world. You just need to take a quick look to admire the beauty of this African country.

Isalo National Park

As the name implies Isalo National Park is a national park that can be found in the Ihorombe Region of Madagascar (right in the middle south of the island and without access to the ocean). The park is known for its wide variety of natural features, such as sandstone formations, wild forms, deep canyons, impressive gorges, grassland and palm-lined oases.

Because of its different terrain, this park attracts hikers from around the world. They are gathered together to admire the view and feel the ambiance of a Jurassic scenery because of the dry tropical climate that has a warm temperature all year around.

Although the wildlife here is not as famous unlike the other parks in Madagascar, there are still couple of animals that you should check out like different species of lemurs. You may also see different types of birds that may include the rare Benson’s rock-thrush or the crested ibis. There are also several kinds of locally endemic plants that are found within Isalo National Park.

Entry fee to access the park for a single day is AR 25,000. You can also purchase a 2-day pass for AR 37,000. It could be a difficult task to find a good experienced guide, so try to get advice from other visitors before choosing a guide.

You can choose among these popular hiking trails:

  • The Piscine Naturelle.
  • The Canyon des Singes (“Canyon of Monkeys”) – my favorite.
  • Namaza Circuit.

Contact Information:
Parc National Isalo
BP. 6 Ranohira – 313 Ihosy
Phone: + (261 32) 44 261 16 / 032 44 440 75 / 033 13 172 58
Email: parc.isalo@yahoo.fr or aronyaina@yahoo.com

Isalo National Park

Avenue of the Baobabs

Obviously, this place is filled with Baobab trees that are up to 800 years old with a height that reaches 5 to 30 meters or 16 to98 ft. and have trunk diameters of 7 to 11 meters or 23 to 36 ft. The Avenue of the Baobabs is located in the Menabe region, close to the city of Morondava.

There are different types of Baobab trees and you can see them all in Avenue of the Baobabs. For a little insight, Baobab trees are locally known as “renala”, a Malagasy word which means “mother of the forest”. Because of its striking landscapes and scenery, there are lots of travelers and photographers that gathered here to take the best pictures (many waiting for the sunset), this fact makes Avenue of the Baobabs the most visited location in the region.

The famous Baobab tree is the two Adansonia za (one of the seven species of baobab in Madagascar) trees that are twisted together. According to their legend, once there were two local villages and in this village, there were two young people that fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, they already have fixed partners and so they could not marry. They asked God for guidance and as a result, two baobabs were born and met, hence a new tree was born, the Baobab Amoureux.

This place is not a national park, and even though it was granted a temporary protection trees are still threatened by further deforestation.

In case you want to know more about the Avenue of the Baobabs, please call: +261 32 04 923 50

Baobab Amoureux

Amber Mountain National Park

Montagne D’Ambre or also known as Amber Mountain National Park is located in the Diana region in the north tip of the island of Madagascar, just 30 km. south of Diego Suarez city.

This park offers a great biodiversity such as its huge tropical forest, luxuriant vegetation, waterfalls and even volcanic lakes. With a cool air that is refreshing, the climate here is perfect. The dominant ethnic groups here are the Sakavala and the Antankarana.

There are a big number of animal species that inhabit the National Park. To begin with, you can find 25 species of mammals, 8 different kinds of lemurs, 75 bird species, 60 reptiles and more than 40 butterflies.

Best time to visit this incredible park is between the months of September and November. You should avoid visiting during cyclone season (December to March).

The current entry prices start at AR 25,000 for a single day and AR 37,000 for a two-day visit. To that, you need to add the cost of an experienced guide, which depending on the distance or circuit chosen can go from AR 25,000 and AR 50,000. Yes, guides could be more expensive that fees to enter the park, but choose wisely, a good guide can make your visit worthwhile, he could show you the best spots and will know how to pick the most active spots for you to watch the wildlife.

Contact Information:
B.P 23 Joffreville
Tel: (261 32) 40 61 450 / 034 03 217
Mail: mda.parks@gmail.com

Rova of Antananarivo

The Manjakamiadana Rova also named as the Queen’s Palace is the landmark of Antananarivo. This place is a royal palace complex that served as the home of the sovereigns of the Kingdom of Madagascar way back in the 17th and 18th century. It was gutted by an unfortunate fire in 1995 and it is still under restoration.

Close to the Rova of Antanarivo you could find the Ambohimanga, a fortified village that was the spiritual center of the kingdom.

Rova of Antananarivo

Botanical and Zoological Garden of Tsimbazaza

The Tsimbazaza Zoo, also known as the Botanical and Zoological Garden of Tsimbazaza, is a zoological and botanical garden that is located in the neighborhood of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

It also has museums with collections of tribal carvings and even skeletons of extinct mega vertebrates including the skeleton of an elephant bird, giant lemurs, and pygmy hippos.

This zoo contains the largest herbarium in Madagascar with almost 80,000 plant specimens.

Tsimbazaza Zoo


These are just a sample of popular destinations in Madagascar, please plan your trip accordingly and take advantage of your visit. I could only recommend the wonderful hikes around the national parks, but the Zoo and the Rova of Antananarivo are beautiful locations.

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  1. Jennifer

    Is it possible to see a lot of those twisting trees everywhere in the island, our hotel is going to be on the north tip of the island, Antsiranana, I think. Thanks for your help.

    1. Post
      Hanitra Okeke

      Hello Jennifer, there are just one nature miracle in the whole world. The baobab amoureux is located in the Menabe region (middle-left area in the island). If your trip is moving across Madagascar and you get as close as Antananarivo or Antsirabe, then you could take one of the local tours to visit the Avenue of the Baobabs and your chance to admire the twisting trees.

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