How to Plan your Best Madagascar Trip

Plan your best Madagascar trip by knowing the island's weather seasons.

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Madagascar is a wonderful travel destination and like any other, you need to plan ahead to take your enjoyment to the max. This beautiful African island deserves to be in your list of future destinations, and these tips about its weather, the safety and security on its cities and beaches, the visa and entry requirements, travel warnings and health information will prepare you to make the best choices as when and how to travel to this paradise on Earth.

How to Plan your Best Madagascar Trip

Let’s start with the weather, you want to make sure to avoid those seasons where the weather is not particularly good, usually the low tourist season and while you might enjoy the low prices, most likely won’t be able to visit each extraordinary spot on the island.


Plan your best Madagascar trip by knowing the island's weather seasons.
Plan your best Madagascar trip by knowing the island’s weather seasons.

Madagascar`s holidays can be enjoyed all year long because weather conditions are fair here. You need to know that the wet season starts in December but ends in March. Since some cyclones might take place during this period of time, you will be better off avoiding Madagascar during this time. You are better off heading to Madagascar between April and Mid-December. Weather patterns here will not stick to any particular season, so you need to be prepared to deal with any kind of weather condition here. Your geographical location will determine the kind of weather that you will have to endure over time. If you want to see humpback whales, go to Madagascar between July and September.

Safety and Security

You need to be prepared to avoid crime, robbery, and mugging in the streets of Madagascar. The same is true on beaches and nature reserves. Carjacking is frequent here, and you can be robbed even when you are in a taxi. You should avoid leaving your bags unattended. Keep your money, cell phone, computers and cameras out of sight when you are walking outdoors. You can safeguard these items in a safe at your hotel. Walking in the city center is very dangerous at night when you are alone. So, you need to be vigilant if you are in the middle of this situation. Pickpockets are located in airports and street markets, so you need to be prepared for this. You can read more about crime from the United States Bureau of Diplomatic Security here:

Entry Requirements

Madagascar`s entry requirements depend on your citizenship. You need to check with your travel company, consulate or embassy for this. If you are a British citizen, you can get a 30-day tourist visa at the airport when you arrive, and you will have to pay a fee for it. Your visa should be valid for the purpose of the journey and the period of the journey. Your entry stamp should be recorded in your passport. Your tourist visa is not extendable and has a 3-month validity. Remember also that your passport should be truly valid for a 6-month period from the very moment that you enter Madagascar.

Travel Warnings

Remember also that you are truly subject to Madagascar`s laws. In any case, you will be imprisoned, arrested, or expelled if you violate these laws. If you are an American citizen, as police officers to call the embassy of your country right away if you are detained or arrested for any reason. You can also expect heavy fines and long jail sentences if you are caught trafficking, using, or possessing illegal drugs. You will be subject to a potential prosecution if you overstay, or you can also get a fine if you do so over time. If you buy a precious gem at Madagascar, you need to find information about the gem. You might not be allowed to take a particular gem out of the country, so you need to find clarification as soon as possible.


Madagascar has many issues regarding its healthcare system. Donor withdrawal and budget cuts seem to be here to stay for a long time, and this Is the reality of this country today. The budget cut will cause a lot of problems in the health care system of this country, but they will need to come up with a solution as soon as possible. There is a real problem in urban areas where rural people are not able to pay for health coverage. Madagascar has to do something about it because things might get out of hand on many occasions. There Is also no stability in the health care system of Madagascar.


Madagascar has a lot of surprises for any traveler out there. Remember that the wildlife in Madagascar is unique on Earth 90% of the time, so you might end up seeing tons of interesting things here and there. In that situation, is important to plan your visit when the weather is not going to keep you in your hotel every day.

You need to think about the crime rate in Madagascar because your possessions have to be secure in this country. A safe at the hotel remains your best solution, but as any place you are visiting, if you are not aware of your surroundings, try not to be alone or deep in your thoughts. Is always best to visit the cities during the day and accompanied by some locals if possible. Ask your hotel’s staff for advice, the front desk should always be able to point you in the right direction, bartenders are always friendly and full of local information. You might want to ask your fellow guests, start a conversation in the lobby of the hotel and exchange ideas and tourist spots warnings.

More than anything, make sure to enjoy your time in Madagascar. The people here is nice and welcoming, the beaches are breathtaking, the food is full of unknown tastes, and their fauna and flora rich.

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