9 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone while Traveling Abroad (And How to Protect your Data)

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Who doesn’t worry about his or her cellphone being stolen while traveling abroad?

You are not familiar with your environment, you are not sure how trusting to be, or what habits are being used to single you out.

If you are about to travel outside the United States, or even to another state, this article will show you 9 tips to protect your smartphone from being lost or stolen, and more important, how to protect your data in case your smartphone is stolen.

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Our Cellphone is Very Important to Us, Right?

Our cellphone is very important, allows us to perform our daily tasks even while we are far away from our country.

Besides, considering their popularity, mobile phones are among the primary targets for theft abroad.

Despite how alert and careful you might be, this risk of theft is never minimized, especially if you are alone and vulnerable.

9 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone while Traveling Abroad

Here are some of the ways which you can use to prevent your phone from burglary.

1.     Increase the Basic Security in your Phone

One of the first considerations that you should make is regarding your mobile phone’s security.

Nothing to purchase here, no big investment, just a little time to better protect your smartphone.

Since thieves will target these gadgets as they will cash them, exchange them with valuables item like jewelry, it’s essential to put as many security measures into place as possible while traveling through train stations, bus terminals, airports, and any other form of public transport.

You should use hard-to-guess passwords. Forget birthday codes and middle names and think outside the box. You can learn how to create a strong password here: https://lifehacker.com/how-to-create-a-strong-password-1797681069

If you always have a hard time while remembering the pass codes, you can write it down on a small paper that will fit into your wallet.

You should make things a little more difficult for thieves in case they manage to steal your stuff.

Of course, it’s not advisable to leave your mobile phone unattended.

2.     Avoid Being Conspicuous

You should avoid using a clip to house your phone, as that will just alert as well as attract the thieves.

You can use a briefcase, or just place it in your pocket or in a traveling bag with a padded cover to ensure that it won’t break in case of an altercation.

Don’t tell anyone what you are carrying with you; whether it’s a cheap one or a hundred thousand dollars, it will be equivalent to just calling out trouble.

It might be tempting to show everyone the latest gadgets, but word of advice, don’t.

3.     Activate Your Smartphone’s Primary Protection

Activate your phone’s primary protection, for example, Antivirus, firewall, and data encryption software.

Ensure these applications are running on your phone along with their latest update.

You should configure the encryption software to be able to protect the information in your phone for access protection.

Use a reliable code to safeguard this information, as it will be of help if your device is stolen and the person is trying to crack your password.

4.     Be Vigilant

Don’t ever leave your phone unattended; always keep it within arm’s reach for example in your pocket.

If you can’t touch the phone, then it’s too far, and therefore it is at the risk of being stolen.

If for any reason, you will have to leave your gadget inside the car, you should keep it out of sight. Never leave it in the trunk of your vehicle.

5.     Travel Light

If you don’t need to take your smartphone out for a walk then don’t.

Try to keep your cellphone on the hotel as much as possible.

You should also protect your data in case your phone is stolen.

It’s not vital that you carry all the critical information with you while traveling abroad.

Plan in advance so that you will take with you only the relevant information you will need.

If you have access to an FTP site, you may upload the information which you may consider to come in handy while you’re traveling. Then, if you find out that you need additional information, it will be simple as you will just need to download what you need on to your phone directly from your FTP site.

6.     Backup your Information

You should backup all the information available on your phone to your computer or external data storage device.

Also, is essential that you implement a protocol designed which will help you to keep the information on your device synchronized with your external data storage device.

7.     Install a Tracking Application

Install a professional tracking software in your cellphone while traveling abroad.

Different companies provide a tracking software, and each of them has many assortments of features.

It is usually advisable that you take a look at these different products, make a list of the features that you will need to protect your hardware and software components, and then purchase the one which will provide the best features as well as match your budget.

A crop of tracking software that provides a basic feature set which is available across product lines. For example, you can locate your gadget anywhere on the planet using GPS; you can remotely delete the information on your phone, and also remotely monitor who has accessed or accessing your device.

8.     Be Safe, Buy Insurance.

Computer and phone insurance companies currently have many options to choose from, and they are among the best known in the insurance sector.

So, even if at the moment you are not planning to purchase computer insurance, it’s a good idea to shop around and find out what the market is providing.

9.     Don’t Fall Sleep

If at any one given time you’re planning to take a nap while you’re still on your journey especially when using public transportation, ensure that you secure the phone before going to sleep.

Some people may cuff the unit to their wrist, but there are other precautionary measures that you can take, for example; you can place it in its case and then put it between your feet or in case you’re sitting by a window, you can put it between yourself and the wall.


If anything happens to violate the integrity of your phone – or in case it is stolen, despite all your precautions – it will be expected that you’ll have already backed up all essential information onto disks before starting your travels.

Never leave your phone anywhere – not even in your car nor outside the safe in your hotel room.

In fact, never get your eyes off your expensive and vital belongings.

Doing this doesn’t matter if you’re just off to get some utensils from the restaurant counter, or if there is a presence of security details or presence of many cameras guarding the vicinity.

There’s no assurance that your phone, as well as other belongings, will be safe when you leave them, so, just ensure that you carry it with you wherever you go.

These tips should help you get all things set for your international travel out of The United States. Some of them may seem to be too demanding, but always remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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